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The Spring of Life

– Bela (Banerjee) Mital

Nothing comes from nothing,
Nothing ever goes.
What is created will be destroyed.
No brooding over what can’t be hold.
When the sun bleeds at the horizon
And the chirping birds begin their day
The cool mist envelops us with romance of touch
And the fragrance of flowers spread in air much.
Oh! Let’s feast our eyes with surrounding colours.
Oh! It is spring, queen of seasons My Dear.
Let’s quench our thirst with dew drops on grass.
Soak our minds with ripples of streams.
Let’s sweep with the breeze holding hands
Like in valley it sways trees and plants.
Let’s imbibe the love from each other’s eyes
As bees suck nectar from flowers.
Let’s sing the life’s beautiful song together.
And feel the ecstatic joy like confluence of ocean with rivers.
Let’s flow along life’s current carrying all our woes.
Like the waterfall that carries along pushing everything that tows.
Let’s bury our miseries in thoughts
Like the lightning is hidden in clouds.
Let’s embrace each other’s joys
Which fills our hearts with leaps and bounds.
No, we shall not dream for future
Nor shall we think of past.
Let’s flow with time like a storm without looking back.
Let’s feel the bliss, fill our life with passion
Let the hunger of life remain
To be filled with nectar of compassion.
Thus love is always in the air around
It is actually nowhere without.
Love and romance are together bound
With nature we care and share surround.

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