Second Multiplier Event of WINC 2021 Held on Saturday

Preveza (GR), June 25 (OurVoice): The second multiplier event of the WINC2021 project was held in Preveza on Saturday, where the participants had the opportunity to talk about the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) methodology focused in migrants and the adequacy of the followed strategy.

In addition, organisers and participants had several interventions that gave an overview of the social support of migrants, the Albanian migrants’ participation in adults’ training and the policies about migration in Greece.

The participants in the event were teachers from vocational education and from adults’ training organisations, people working with migrants in Ministry of Migration, in Municipality of Preveza and in Region of Ipeiros, who discussed possible VAE strategy issues of the project results from the point of view of professionals working with migrants, which resulted in a rich exchange of experiences and opinions.

Notably, the project with the title of Work Inclusion 2021 – Innovative Validation of Acquired Experience Methodology for Immigrants (WINC) is being implemented in Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Greece. Bearing in mind that on European level the instrument of Validation of Acquired Experience has been identified as a means of social inclusion, but that at the current moment there is a fragmentation of national and regional applicative norms that do not suit the needs of migrants and validators, the present project has the general objective of improving the conditions of socio-occupational inclusion of migrants that are present on the European territory and of providing those who work in the adult education sector with more qualified and effective validation tools that meet the needs of the migrants.

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