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Reflections of the World

– Shabana Chowdhury Ahmed
The world, as we know, is no longer with us! The past cannot be changed but whatever action we take today will either destroy or preserve us! It’s a wake-up call for humanity! Destiny is in our hands! Hoping for a save better world for our children and grandchildren.
Remember that the sins of the fathers visit upon their children!

  1. How Fare Thee Old World?
    Not Very Well.
    What Ails Thee Old World?
    Humans Destroying the Very Essence of Life!
    How Can We Cure?
    Stop Greed. Arrogance. Inequality and Hate
    To Become Humans Again!
  2. I Used to Think That
    I Was an Alien!
    Not Human Being.
    Never Saw Things
    As Others in Their Little Minds !
    It Took Me a Long While
    To Realise That People Have Two Choices.
    Either Be Their Own Beautiful Snowflake
    Or Melt into a Puddle of Conformity
    For Comfort’s Sake!
    I Rather Be Extra-Terrestrial
    Because Most Humans are Inhumane!
  3. The Heavens Roared with Thunder
    As Lightning Filled the Skies!
    Was It Nature’s Anger?
    Was It Nature’s Way of Telling Us
    To Stop the Interference and Abuses
    She Receives from Humans!
  4. We Marvel at Her Beauty
    Each Time We Look at Her!
    Then Dig Up All Her Treasures
    From Their Nature Burial Grounds!
    All That Keeps Us Living.
    We Take It All Yet Still Want More
    Never Think of Giving Back!
    We Build across The Countryside
    Progressing Everyday
    But Mother Nature Cannot Progress
    For Humans Have Become Inhumane!

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