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Reflections in a Mirror

– Shabana Chowdhury Ahmed

We live in uncertain times but with courage and hope
We can bounce back if we believe in the harmony
Of our heart, mind, body and soul.
Autumn of Life

As I walk through
The Autumn of Life!
Memories old and new
Rush to greet me.
Happy memories
Illuminates my Smile!
Sad memories
Wrench my Heart!
All these I have
Stowed away
In the treasure chest
Of my Heart!
Where no one can steal
For my soul guards it!
Nature’s Gift

Take just a moment to eye
The beauty around you.
Behold Dawn’s golden glow
In the Eastern sky.
Breathe the gentle moving wind
That caresses your face.
The Majestic Sun
Shines upon you
As day goes by.
The cooling breeze
Brings comfort at sunset.
A thousand stars and a moon
Brings tranquillity to the night.
So just take a moment
To enjoy the ecstasy of Nature
Which enriches your Soul.
Life and Soul

Life as we know on Earth
Will end one day.
The soul will travel
Through Time and Space.
My Love is in my soul
My Soul is in Eternity.
Heart Mind Body and Soul

Desire traps your Heart
Infatuation captures your mind.
Passion burns your body and
Love consumes your Soul.
Hearts can break
Minds falter, bodies die
And souls are trapped.
BUT ! If you nurture your Heart
Stimulate your Mind
Worship your body
Then Hearts can beat in unison
Minds can think in kind.
Bodies move as one.
The Love in your Soul
Remains Free.

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