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Pair of Sparrows

– Shantanu Mukharji
What a delight it was when I noticed a pair of sparrows on the ledge of my window!
They were in love and kept pecking each other!
Their chirping and notes were simply divine
And it seemed they wanted to say something.
I hid myself behind the window lest they flew away
But they did not and kept chirping with their signature plumage!
Tiny yet overpowering was their attraction.
I asked the pair where were they all these times?
They seemed to convey, the concrete and cement had kept them away
And the food was scarce because of human invasion on their territory!
Corona has taught the humans a lesson so the sparrows are back albeit not at all places.
My niece and childhood friend tells me she hasn’t seen a sparrow for ages.
How sad!
I loved having a glimpse of them and heard them sing and make love!
This reminds of my childhood days
When Ma woke me up gently, timing with the chirping of the sparrows
They were aplenty, then
And Ma said “these sparrows are your friends and they are here to wake you up for a brighter day”
Then the sparrows would take to their wings
And fly away far, far away
But again they would descend another day to wake me up.
Alas, they no longer came till I spotted this pair today.
Now, there is no Ma
No sparrows to wake me up
Yet, it was a delight to spot the pair
I want them to come again
With memories of my Ma
Sparrows you are precious
You lift up our spirits so be around and be joy forever!

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