Orientation and Community Cleaning Took Place in Duisdorf

Bonn, September 25 (OurVoice): ​​As part of the KOMM AN NRW project, the non-profit association Seraji Foundation (SF) held the orientation and community cleaning campaign in Duisdorf on Sunday. The next orientation and community cleaning will be held on October 30 at 11 am in Duisdorf,

Bottles, packages, paper, small pieces of clothes, plastic, cigarette butts, masks, cans were found on the asphalt and in bushes. The campaign also inspired many neighbors to take part in the cleaning initiative.

At the beginning of the exchange meeting SF President AHM Abdul Hai presented the welcome address. Among others Finance Secretary of the House of Integration Kawsar Khairul Alam and SF Project Director Riazul Islam, BASUG Consultant Kawsar Ul Hoq, Members of House of Integration Reshma Akter, Yasmin Alam, Salma Ahamed and Hananou Mahmud addressed the meeting.

In the speeches, the guests emphasized, among other things, the importance of cleanliness from the flood of plastic. The world is drowning in plastic waste. It pollutes the rivers, seas and beaches, kills countless animals and even ends up in our food as finely ground microplastic. By 2050 almost every seabird will have plastic in their stomachs. We must not simply let this happen, the speakers urged.

The meeting was part of the project supported by the German initiative KOMM AN NRW with funds from the NRW Ministry for Children, Family, Refugees and Integration. The participants also included members of the partner organizations BASUG, Die Grenze, Our Voice Online and House of Integration and German-Bangladesh Association.

Registrations for the regular meeting are requested at

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