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LIFE and HOPE in Dark Times

– Shabana Chowdhury Ahmed, Belguim

Life, as we know, no longer exists, as normal, due to the Corona pandemic. Mankind was caught napping, while the deadly virus ran amok in the world causing deaths everywhere. People became demoralised. Lockdowns and curfews curtailed our movements. Now vaccinations are shining a light in the dark end and we are slowly becoming relaxed.
A Strong Mind and Thoughts Never Accept Defeat!

1) LIFE is an opportunity
Seize it!
Life is a gift
Accept it!
Life is a challenge
Overcome it!
Life is a wonder
Enjoy it!
Life is a decision
Take it!
Life is a bundle of possibilities
Look for it!
Life is no bed of roses
LIFE is what you make of it!

2) When LIFE becomes unbearable
Darkness engulfs you
Search for the LIGHT
Within you.
Let it SHINE
For all to see!

3) In a sea of darkness
Everything seems dark.
You feel so alone and lost
And just want to hide.
No one will come
In the wilderness of depression
Demons inside you
Try to rip you apart
HOPE seems to disappear
But is it really gone?
Look for Hope
For it shines brighter
Than a million stars!

4) I BEND but do not break.
I have been lost but I am not a loser.
I am fractured but not broken.
I have failed but I am not a failure.
I have fallen hard but can still rise.
I am isolated but I am free.
I have been destroyed but I will rebuild.
So no matter how close I am to breaking
I will just continue to BEND.

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