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Let The Pygmies Work

– Jabun Naher

Let the earthen Pygmies work
For all day and all night
Lest they begin to think.
For thinking is not very fit
Manners for creatures feable and weak.

Glorify the measures of the path
That the beast has singularly trodden
With blindfolded pair of eyes that hath
Blurred the capacity to visual burden
Lest he starts to see light on earth.

Cast them magic spells that surround
Aura of luminous metalic penny.
Arduous enough to achieve a pound
Scarcely satisfies the need of handful epiphany
Though they catch the speed of a foxhound.

For leisure is a subdued embarrassment
That mustn’t conform my honour to bestow.
Here, I inflict occupation in replacement.
Leisure enthralls fair fancy on tiptoe,
Unless trimmed fast turns a dire instrument.

Greatness, grandeur, forked tongue ascender
I, myself deserve all these reverence better.
You, pygmies, earthen toys must asunder
In assumed greatness to uphold the Potter.
My blazing superiority intends thou scatter!

Worth my fearless green eyes’ hatred
Thou must not be gloriously portrayed!
All my years perseverance offered,
I, unchallenged, to the throne I deserved
Honor, peace, justice are practices betrayed!

Chaos, cries, corrupt co-operation
Enthusiastic surprise in coating recitation.
Let them be engaged in merging desperation
Billions but one in real strifeful situation
Doomed to demand drooping destination.

All these describe my design proper
I have sealed up loopholes each
Crawling insects must fail to alter.
Yet my instinct whispers to teach
Pygmies triumphant victory is calling near!

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