JnU Got Research Equips with Two PCR Machines

Dhaka, April 19 (JnU Correspondent/OurVoice): Jagannath University (JnU) has received modern research equipments worth around Tk 3 crore including two PCR machines.

As the only university in South Asia and Asia to receive the Instrumental Access Award-2020, Seeding Lab has sent two PCR machines and high quality lab equipments worth around Tk 3 crore for the development of education and research at the university.

Jagannath University Proctor Dr Mostafa Kamal confirmed that the equipment arrived at the university on Sunday. After announcing the award, these lab materials arrived on campus almost 11 months later from Boston, USA.

According to university sources, the Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Jagannath University received the Instrumental Access Award 2020 as the only university in Asia. Jagannath University has received this award for the first time from Bangladesh. The award was announced on May 26 last year in a press release published on the website of the Seeding Lab. The program provides low-cost, high-quality scientific equipments for education and research to young scientists at universities in lower and middle-class countries.

In this regard, the Head of the Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Dilara Islam Sharif said, “A total of 18 universities from 10 countries won the award last year. We received the award as the first university in Bangladesh. With the research tools we have received, we will be able to create a high quality lab, which is very important for biotechnological research. The equipments included 2 PCR machines, laminar flow, minus 20 degree refrigerator and about 94 advanced research equipments.

Asked how much these materials would add to research and students, she said, “Our department has been established 4 years ago. A department cannot be completely sorted out in such a short time. What we could not teach the students practically will be possible now. There will also be an expansion of our research environment. There are different sectors of research from UGC and different institutions outside the country, we can do those researches regularly.”

Asked if the corona test can be done on these PCR machines, she said, “There is still some equipment left for the corona test. However, we do not have the kind of disinfection lab environment that is needed for the corona test. We can do that if we create that environment. The country currently has adequate corona test centers. We want to research corona variants, as well as work on how to make vaccines to prevent them.” Noted, this award is given by a non-governmental organization called Seeding Lab of America. The aim is to encourage young scientists in lower middle class countries to discover and research something new.

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