JnU Creativity Enhancement Society Launched

Dhaka, April 26 (JnU Correspondent/OurVoice): Jagannath University Creativity Enhancement Society (JNUCES) has been launched as an important platform to accelerate the skills and creativity of Jagannath University (JnU) students.

The President of the Jagannath University Creativity Enhancement Society Nipa Rani Saha confirmed to campus reporters that the organization made its debut on Monday.

According to organizational sources, Jagannath University Creativity Enhancement Society (JNUCES) started its journey on April 15 under the patronage of Jagannath University Press Club (JnU Press Club) President Zahidul Islam Sadek.

The journey of the organization started with the own efforts of 16 talented youngsters of the university. The organization appointed Nipa Rani Saha as President and Pooja Roy as General Secretary for 16 posts and a new committee is formed by nominating suitable persons for each post.

The new committee has Mostakim Farooki as Vice-President and Zakia Akter as Joint Secretary. Other office bearers are Treasurer Gazi Md. Ashfiq, HR Editor Melicha Rahman, Organizing Secretary Ambia Binte Asad Lamia, Information Technology and Creativity Secretary Mahruma Akter Shefa, Branding and Publicity Secretary Roni Kumar Mahanta Ashim, Logistics Editor Hira Rahman Irene Saidia, Research Secretary Zahura Rahman Eva and Public Relations Secretary Meherabul Islam Showdip. Executive members are Rabeya Khatun Brishti, Sagar Das and Jannatul mouya Shoshi.

The main objective of JNUCES are highlighted through the slogan ‘Think Creative, Show Excellence’. In the meantime, the organization attracted the attention of JnU students by doing some great and competitive works. Currently about 90 students spontaneously joined organization. Among the members, 27 are upgraded as departmental icons, 41 as apprentices and the rest as general members.

The President of the organization and the members of the committee said that JNUCES will work mainly in the effort to take the students of Jagannath University forward in acquiring skills and application. The activities of the organization will deepen the creative mind and self-confidence of every student of Jagannath University.

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