IU Asks Students to Register for Vaccine by Sep 27

Kushtia, September 17 (Correspondent/OurVoice): The authorities of Islamic University in Kushtia asked its students to complete registration for getting Covid-19 vaccine by September 27.

A press release, signed by IU Deputy Registrar M Shahed Hasan, was issued in this regard on Friday.

All teachers, students, officials and employees of the Islamic University have been asked to complete the registration for vaccination by September 27.

The students, who do not have national identity (NID) card, will be able to register using birth registration certificate on the web link provided by the Bangladesh University Grants Commission.

Teachers, students, officers and employees, who have NID cards with them and they have not yet registered for vaccination, are also being asked to register on the security app on an emergency basis within the same period to ensure vaccination.

On September 14, the university authorities decided to reopen the university after September 27 ensuring hundred percent Covid-19 vaccination of all students of the university.

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