ICSD Calls for Inclusive Social Development for Sustainable Impact

Bonn, December 12 (ICSD/OurVoice): International Consortium for Social Development (ICSD) called for inclusive social actions to address challenges like deteriorating human rights and environmental disasters.

Sociologists, researchers and social development experts from around 20 countries connected to the virtual session to launch the Digital Journal on Saturday. ICSD President Dr Manohar Pawar chaired the program, while Vice President Dr Mostafizur Rahman conducted the question answer session. ICSD President Prof Manohar Pawar said, the development is not sustainable unless it is balanced and inclusive and the poverty, inequality and social conflicts permanently hamper the development process. Prof Pawar applauded the development activities in Bangladesh and urged the young generation to join this stream of social activities.

ICSD has published the digital versions of all volumes of scientific research on various aspects of global social development from 1977-2021 in all volumes. From now on, scientists, researchers, consultants and development experts will get benefit of knowledge research through the development think tank. Washington University Saint Louis Prof Emeritus Shanti K Khinduka, University of California Prof Emeritus James Midgley, University of Minnesota Prof Emeritus David Hollister, Louisiana State University Prof Emeritus Brij Mohan, Dr Chathapuram Ramanathan of University of West Florida and University of Minnesota libraries archivist Linnea M Anderson were connected in the sessions. Monash University’s senior lecturer Dr Tejaswini Patil Vishwanath conducted the session.

ICSD provides research knowledge to social scientists, social development experts, researchers, individual and social knowledge-based development and policy institutions. International Consortium for Social Development (ICSD) is a platform of interdisciplinary scholars, practitioners that aim to build knowledge and capacity to bring about social, economic, and environmental improvement. Photo: Correspondent/OV

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