ICSD Call for Protection against Pandemic Stricken Poverty

Johannesburg, 19 July (OurVoice): ‘The Covid Pandemic has viciously ceased the progress of poverty alleviation. It has curbed the advancement of inequality reduction as well. Both the social disorders have significantly increased even more in reverse,’ said ICSD President and Australia’s Charles Sturt University Professor Dr. Manohar Pawar.

He came up with the view on Friday, while speaking at the closing ceremony of ICSD’s 22nd biennial conference held in Johannesburg, which is held virtual this year. The four-day Johannesburg summit underscores the growing need for social development practice and social innovations.

Speakers of the conference reiterated that the pandemic has exposed social determinates of health and hidden inequalities, particularly, in relation to health infrastructure and access to health services and facilities. Human life and ecology are more important than just economic production and growth. Innovative policies, programs and strategies are needed to support and protect people at this critical juncture, the scholars added. Over 300 participants from 42 countries presented 240 papers and deliberated critical issues relating to poverty, inequality, climate change and ecology, digital technology, a range vulnerable groups and human capability building,

The Centre for Social Development in Africa (CSDA), University of Johannesburg organized the conference. Prof. Leila Patel and Prof. Lauren Graham and Prof. Antoinette Lombard efficiently played key role in implementing the conference. ‘It was indeed a tough test for ICSD at this global critical juncture ravaged by Corona virus,’ said ICSD Vice President Dr. Mostafizur Rahman.

International Consortium for Social Development (ICSD) launched its African branch this year following successful Johannesburg conference. Professor Michael Sherraden of Centre for Social Development, Washington University said, ‘the launches of ICSD Africa Regional Branch and Financial Capability and Asset Building Africa will be lasting contributions of the 22nd ICSD conference that continue for years, maybe decades.’

ICSD President Professor Manohar Pawar conferred Social Development leadership award on Professor Leila Patel, Prof. Lauren Graham (CSDA) and Professor Antoinette Lombard for their outstanding academic and professional accomplishments. Achieving UN consultative status, improving governance systems, strengthening regional branches, disseminating archived social development journals through digitalization and developing a team of enthusiastic and committed colleagues to lead and implement the vision are some of the targeted areas that ICSD will persistently pursue. To do so, ICSD Vice President Dr. Mostafizur Rahman, a Bangladeshi scholar is committed to translating these plans with the team, President Pawar added.

The conference concluded with a declaration by ICSD Vice President Komal Sing Rambaree that the 23rd ICSD biennial conference in 2023 will be held in Sweden in collaboration with the Municipality and University of Gavle.

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