EXIT Youth Training to Prevent Extremism Held in Bonn 

Bonn, August 17 (LLD/OurVoice): In order to orient the young people from the European and neighbouring countries on multifaceted aspects of migration related conflicts, discrimination and misunderstanding, a 9-day training course titled ‘Extremely Together against Extremism (EXIT)‘ was held in Bonn from the 7th to 16th August.

Germany based youth organisation Life Learning Development e.V. (LLD) organised the training course in cooperation with partner organisations Armenian Progressive Youth (APY), United Societies of Balkans from Greece, Center for Intercultural Dialogue Association from the Republic of North Macedonia and International Center for Peace and Integration ICPI from Georgia. Erasmus+ Trainer and Co-Founder of NICEA Bursa, Turkey Serpil Karakiraz and Development Activist Dr. Hossain Abdul Hai conducted the technical sessions. Dr. Ibrahim Muritala, President of LLD e.V., Segun Ajibola, Chief Executive Officer and Natasha Shrestha, Project Manager, among others, addressed the sessions.

A total of 25 representatives from youth organisations and development professional institutions from  North Macedonia, Greece, Armenia, Georgia and Germany took part in this training course.

During the training sessions, experts focussed on various geo-political, global phenomena including public health and social crises, which caused a large movement of people in the European region and beyond. It is observed that individuals have left their immediate and known environment and settled in alien lands with different cultures and residents. This mass movement has introduced new behavioural patterns and questioned European values. The coexistence of various cultures in a single neighbourhood has given rise to racist and xenophobic ideas and attitudes. Hence, it has become evident to address the importance of diversity and cherish and promote it.

During the training course, participants were engaged in a series of activities including discussions, group works, presentations and field visits. 

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