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– Jabun Naher


Accept my art of love
A subtle piece of classic
A very gentle and mild wring
And tremor in delicate string

Murmuring notes of admiration
Humming from heart to heart‘s compassion
The very first man to his maiden
There in the Garden of Eden.


Accept my paleolithic love
A polychromic ochre’s classic
Handy stencilized stain’s aura
Adoring the cave of Altamira
Wild bisons and neanderthal relics
Expressed walls and hanging ceilings

And then here see chiseled lotus bloom
Crafting Ajanta and Ellora’s rocky womb.


Accept my geometrical tint of love
A trigonometrical angular classic
Egyptian constellation of the Orion’s belt
Each three for three that Giza felt.

Recall the awaiting at the Gate of Ishtar
A world’s gazing aesthetic altar
Strolling straight to the hanging heaven
Like the maker in Mesopotamian garden.


Trust my love at burning Troy
A lover’s lore of fascinating classic
Fatal embrace with beauty and fire
A song ever sung by Grecian Homer.

All kings and queens have graced to reckon
Arabian Sultana’s nights one thousand and one
Pleasing and amusing the slaughtering knife
Spinning marvels at life’s each strife.


Grant my offerings of love
A heart’s longing sacrificial classic
A rejoice recurring perpetual creation
Defying bronzed chariots with pointed deviation.

There melting iron sparks in bleeding fields
Here vibrant sprouting shoot’s yearning yields
Raising faces high in the sky relentless
Advancing all love’s labor in classic progress.

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