‘Chemical Reviews’ Published JnU Teacher’s Article

Dhaka, April 24 (JnU Correspondent/OurVoice): American Chemical Society (ACS) published an article in a joint venture between Jagadish Chandra Sarkar, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Jagannath University (JnU) and Graeme Hogath, Professor of Chemistry at King’s College London in the journal Chemical Reviews by Impact Factor (IF 52.758).

Public Relations, Information and Publications Department of Jagannath University confirmed the news by a press release on Saturday.

The title of the jointly published article is “Dithiocarbamate Complexs as Single Source Precursors to Nanoscale Binary, Ternary and Quaternary Metal Sulfide.”

The article connects molecular and materials chemistry where dithiocarbamate compounds are used to make metal sulfide nanomaterials and dithiocarbamate is the only reactant or source.

As the article was published, JnU acting Vice-Chancellor Prof. D. Kamaluddin Ahmed congratulated Jagadish Chandra Sarkar and said that the published article would further enhance the reputation of Jagannath University in the scientific research world.

Note that ACS published their most popular and most notable article on Chemical Reviews since 1924. Jagadish Chandra Sarkar is the only one whose article has been published from Bangladesh by the American Chemical Society (ACS) on Impact Factor (IF 52.758) Journal Chemical Reviews. The young Bangladeshi scientist also exchanged views with 30 Nobel laureates for a week at the 67th Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany in 2016.  

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