Women’s Salafiyah Madrasa Inaugurated at Gomastapur

Chapai Nawabgonj, February 27 (Nuhu Alam, Gomastapur Correspondent/ OurVoice): Tofazzal Haq Mahila Salafiyah Madrasa was inaugurated at Gomastapur in Chapai Nawabgonj initiated by Principal Maulana Muhammad Haq Foundation. 

The inaugural meeting held at Khairabad at Rohanpur on Saturday was presided over by Shaikh Abdus Samad Salafi, founder Principal of Al-Markazul Islami As-Salafi Madrasa in Rajshahi, while former MPs and Awami League Vice President Ziaur Rahman and Awami League President Golam Mostafa Biswas. spoke as Chief Guest and Upazila Chairman Alhaj Humayun Reza spoke as guests of honor. 

Rohanpur Municipal Mayor Matiur Rahman Khan, Municipal Councilor Andur Razzak Montu, former Principal of Hossain Biswas Salafiyah Madrasa, Natore Abdul Madani, Koyes Uddin Master, Deputy Registrar of Rajshahi University Salahuddin and former Assistant Superintendent of Chaudala Dakhil Madrasha Tasadduk Hussain also spoke on the occasion.

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