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When The Stars Fall

– Jabun Naher

Oh! You see, but at last,
The flashing dazzles
And blazing bubbles
Of decaying fire,
Up in the sky
In perpetual shiver,
Contriving to protect
It’s warm and norms
Of celestial stature.

Lo! Haven’t they shone much,
Burning themselves every inch
From the morning till the dusk
Being and becoming everyday
In and within very rich?
All but tried to growing big
Glorifying themselves
And adoring each
As much as you feel
So out of reach.
When the bowl is filled to the top
Frenzied frivolities henceforth gallop.

What’s wrong if they
Rose so high?
Others duty it is
And they must comply.
Light is mistaken
It is the power
Scorching heat
And no more shower
Monsoon cannot touch the ground
Lives have withered all around.
Infecting all the harmony
Of heavenly peace
Harmful particles
They do release
Fuseless charges and useless attire
Beguiling the dweller in full satire.

Fear not if a wrathful dancing
Breaking into the ether
With a dreadful smashing
If they happen to succeed in remorse
Ethereal disperse in full blown force,
You just expect shameless shimmering
In wrinkled eyes
And frowning gathering
Till those flickering
Consumes and lost
A furnace turned out
A chilling frost.

Weighing that much
Indifference they cause
Lifelong indifference
There they pause
Just like you see
An inflammable ball
It so happens
When the stars fall.

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