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When Dreams are Shattered.

Photo: AH/OV

– Shabana Rouf Chowdhury, Belgium

Evening had cast its cloak around the placid country side. Not a soul was in sight except the young couple at the foot of the cliff. They were spell bound for the mansion of their dreams stood alone on the cliff overlooking the sea. It seemed like the perfect home for a man who needed solitude, for a woman who yearned for a new life and LOVE!

The young couple had no regrets. Their life in town had been monotonous, as the children were away at the boarding school. The mansion held their hopes and dreams of a blissful future. As they walked towards the mansion, the air became chilly and fore bearing. Yet! They hardly noticed the chill for they were wrapped up in their own dreams. They walked into the mansion blissfully ignorant of the world around them.

Rose suddenly became aware of the chill as she hurried along the passage to the master bedroom. Once in the room she felt warm and happy seeing her husband relaxing in an armchair. While she was dressing for dinner, she saw her husband rise from the comfort of his armchair and walk towards the balcony. Rose now dressed sat on the bed as her thoughts drifted into the future. She could visualize herself sitting by the fireside. The mansion was filled with laughter as her children ran along the passages. She could not see her husband anywhere. Try as she would to visualize her husband besides her, she could not succeed. She was alone with her children.

A gruesome shriek lanced through the night. Rose was brought back to reality. Her eyes wandered to the balcony. The blood in her veins froze for her husband was nowhere in sight. The rail on the balcony was broken. With a heart rendering cry she raced towards the balcony only to be met by emptiness.

The waves dashed upon the rocks below. She saw the broken body of her husband on the rocks below. Rose stood alone, something was dead in her and was too deep for tears.

The doorbell rang incessantly, shattering the silence. She opened the door and saw the happy faces of her children with their nanny. They came on the next train as the mother had instructed.

No one heard the sound of sorrow, or the breaking of her heart.


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