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True Friend and Friendship 

Art and Photo: MZY/OV

– Shabana Chowdhury Ahmed, Belgium

1) A Friend is an Oak Tree

Standing Tall and Strong.

The Gentle Wind Which

Caresses My Cheeks.

A Song That Soothes

My Disturbed Soul.

A Blanket That Covers

Me with Warmth.

Distance is of

No Consequence

For a True Friend

Lives in My Heart!


2) In the River of Life

People Flow in and out

Of My Life!

Many are Passing Ships

Never to be Seen again.

But! A Few Anchors

In My Heart and Remains.


3)  A Miracle Known as Friendship

Dwells within My Heart.

I Know not How It Happened!

I Know Not How It Started!

All I Know is That

A Soul Connection

With Someone

Made Me Realized

That Friendship is

A Precious Gift of Life!


4)  Friends will Come and Go.

Seasons will Change and Show.

I will Age and So will You.

But Our Friendship

Stays Strong and True!


5)  Friendship is a Golden Chain

The Links are Close Friends

Like A Rare and Precious Jewel

It is Treasured More Each Year!

Time Cannot Destroy Its Beauty

As Long as Memory Lives.

For Friendship is a Priceless Gift

That Cannot be Bought or Sold!

The Golden Chain of Friendship is Strong

For It Binds Hearts Together

As Years Go By!


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