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The Two Sisters. Light and Darkness

Shabana Chowdhury Ahmed, Belgium

Everyone has the light and darkness in them. Those who are mentally strong can control but those who are weak fall prey to their dark side.

The story teller tells her tale. 

Once upon a time in a 17th century village near the river Rhine France lived a wealthy farmer Jacques de Breze, his wife and two daughters. The elder daughter Camille was an ordinary looking girl with a bad temper, while the younger daughter Louise was beautiful with a sweet nature. Next to their farm lived another farmer, whose son Adrian became their friend. 

As the girls turned 16 years of age Camille began going to the village hall, where parties were held but Louise enjoyed being on the farm taking care of the farm animals. Adrian who was two years older often came to help Louise with her chores.

During the 17th century girls were given in marriage at a young age and so Jacques de Breze began looking for a suitable husband for Camille, as she was his first born. One day Jacques de Breze went to see his lawyer friend, who took care of his legal affairs. He wanted to make a will, in which his daughters would inherit his properties in case of his death. His two daughters would receive an equal share and take care of their mother. This was unusual as women at that time did not have any right to own properties. Men were responsible for their household ĺadies and after marriage a woman’s husband managed her finances and property. Jacques de Breze was informed by his lawyer that it would take about a month to legalise the documents. 

Jacques was then introduced to a young man by the name of Marc, who was a young lawyer working for his friend. Jacques took a liking to Marc and invited him to dinner at his farmhouse. 

Marc arrived for dinner, where he met Camille and Louise. Marc and Camille took a liking to each other. When Jacques approached Marc with a proposal of marriage to Camille, he accepted. Marc was also offered a handsome dowry. The preparations for the wedding began. In a week’s time Marc and Camille were married and she went to live with her husband. Marc now became the legal adviser and lawyer to Jacques de Breze. A few months later Marc received a sealed envelope from Jacques de Breze with instructions that the envelope must be opened  only after his death and to carry out the terms of his will. 

One fine day in summer Jacques de Breze and his wife went into town in their horse carriage. It was late at night when they were returning home some robbers stopped their carriage and took his wife’s jewellery at gunpoint. She started screaming and in panic one of the robbers shot Jacques de Breze, his wife and their coachman. Next morning some villagers found their dead bodies. Jacques de Breze was a well known figure, so the villagers informed Louise at the farmhouse and also Marc and Camille at their residence. Marc and Camille arranged for the funeral. Louise, who was very close to her father, was shattered with grief. After the funeral Marc told Louise and Camille about their father’s will in a sealed envelope, which would be opened in his office the next day. As evening fell, Camille became curious about the contents of the sealed envelope. She insisted that Marc should open the sealed envelope. Camille was a very dominating woman and Marc was under her control. So he opened the envelope and read the will. It was stated that the farmhouse and farmlands must be shared equally between his two daughters. Camille flew into a rage and tore the will into tiny pieces. She convinced her husband to make another will in which she was the sole benefactor and Louise was to be in her care. The next day Louise was shown the forged will. She had no choice but to accept. She went to live with her sister and brother-in-law. Louise was given a small room in the Attic although Camille’s house had several proper bedrooms. 

Camille began to treat her sister like a servant, while she lived in luxury. Several months pass and one day while Louise was in the marketplace buying food someone laid a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw the smiling face of Adrian. She accompanied him to a tavern, where they chatted over a glass of wine. Adrian told her that he was going to America to make his fortune. His father had given him a huge amount of cash to go settle in America. While talking Adrian was shocked to learn about how Louise was being treated by her sister and brother-in-law. He asked her to marry him as he always had a crush on her. He was leaving for America on a ship that very night. Louise decided to leave her dreadful life with her sister behind and on the spur of a moment she accepted Adrian’s proposal of marriage. Adrian took her to the dockyard, where he bought her ticket and found a priest, who performed their marriage ceremony. Meanwhile, Camille thought that Louise had run away from home. Having a cold heart she did not even look for Louise. 

After months on the sea Adrian and Louise arrived in America. They rented a room in a hotel. Adrian soon found a job on a plantation. As he was educated, he became the manager. He was given a small house on the plantation. He worked hard and saved money. Soon he bought a farm, where he grew cattle. Adrian and Louise were happy in the new continent. Louise was a child of LIGHT.

Meanwhile, in the village by the river Rhine France, Camille and her husband’s reckless living brought misfortune upon them. They sold the farmhouse, which Camille took from Louise by deceit. They also took loans from shady money lenders to live their luxurious lives. The money lenders were at their door with threats of sending them to prison. Very soon unable to pay their debts they were sent to prison. This prison was extremely dirty as such a deadly plague broke out in the prison. All the prisoners died including Camille and her husband. The Mayor ordered the prison to be burnt down along with the dead prisoners. Camille was a child of Darkness. 

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