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The Star Child

Art and Photo: AH

– Shabana Chowdhury Ahmed, Belguim

We now live in the age of science, technology, artificial intelligence, space travel and parallel universe! Either believe or be ignorant that’s your choice. Stargates, Time Travellers and Time Machines are no longer fiction. Those obsessed with the material world and possessions will remain earthbound and see nothing beyond their noses. The sixth sense and the third eye is open to those who believe with their mind, heart and soul in the existence of the spiritual world and other forms of life in the universe.  The story teller tells her tale.

Lavender and Oakley were married for several years. She worked for a space agency in search of Alien species, as such she was a stargazer. He, true to his name was the oak tree deeply rooted in the earth. He was a banker. Life was good as they both were financially solvent. They enjoyed all the comforts of LIFE. Busy with their occupations, they did not harbour the thought of a child. Time passed by and one day Oakley realized that he had no heir to carry on his name. He told Lavender that it was high time they had a child. She agreed but the normal child bearing age was gone as she was in her late forties. After few months when she could not conceive normally they consulted a fertility specialist. She was given a treatment yet she failed to conceive. The relation between them began sour. Each blamed the other for being too engrossed in their careers. They argued over trifle matters to the extent of not being able to stand each other’s company! One fine morning Oakley packed his bags and said that he would divorce her as she could not give him a child. He left without a second glance.

She stood frozen with a look of disbelief! After a while she moved and the gravity of the situation hit her hard.

After the divorce papers were signed Lavender and Oakley went to their separate ways. She was in a daze not knowing that days and months had passed. She decided to leave everything and go far away. She left the hustle and bustle of the city life and moved into a house in the woods. A town was an hour’s drive away from her home. Once a week she drove into town for her groceries. She walked through the woods in daylight and at night watched the stars shine bright. The thought of her husband leaving her for not giving him a child filled her heart with stygian sorrow. The more she spent time in solitude she nourished the feeling of wanting a child. All she could think about was having a child.

Her nights were obsessed by the stars. She always watched the first star of the night. The calm bright light brought her restless soul a soothing comfort. One night the star shone more brightly and seeing it she cried out aloud “Star light, Star bright, first star I see tonight grant me a child no matter what form or shape I will love with my heart and soul!” In the twinkle of the eye a radiant light shone upon her. Next day as she walked in the woods she saw a man with a beautiful glow on his face. He seemed to be lost. She approached him and asked if he needed help. The man replied that he had lost his way and wanted shelter for the night. She took him home and offered him food which he refused. He wanted to rest and leave in the morning. At night she dreamt about having an intimate relation with the stranger. The next morning the stranger was gone but he left her a note saying that he lived in the evening star and had granted her wish. He was from an advanced alien race, who could turn into any shape or form but only for a short time. The child who will be born soon will be invisible in the daylight but at night will be seen as a bright star.

Lavender’s happiness knew no bounds. What was denied to her in this world was given to her by a dweller of The Evening Star.


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