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The Mysterious Island. Utopia

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– Shabana Chowdhury Ahmed

Mankind has come a long way from the Stone Age to the Space Age and Modern Technology in an unruly manner. Instead of the world being a paradise on earth, the seven deadly sins of mankind ran amok plunging the world into chaos and confusion. Greed and Arrogance of mankind is destroying Nature the very essence of life! Mankind has forgotten their spiritual nature and is obsessed with the material world and possessions. Nature has survived for centuries and will but will humanity survive if it turns a blind eye to the problems in life! Time will tell. A story teller tells her tale.

Fern a botanist and her husband Aspen a naturalist worked for a Homeopathic research and development facility in Switzerland. They often went to countries around the world seeking medicinal plants. Life was rosy and filled with content until Fern fell very ill. She was hospitalized and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer! The survival rate was very low. She felt her world crash around her into thousand pieces. The doctor advised Aspen to take Fern to a warmer climate. They left their jobs as Fern wanted to go live in Peru in South America. She being a botanist had a hope that she could find a plant to cure her cancer permanently. Hope was very strong in her.

They flew off to Lima, Peru. Aspen rented a beautiful villa with a garden of exotic flowers and trees in Lima. The warm climate made Fern happy. She spent time in the garden trying to pretend that she had no care in the world. Some days were good and some bad but Fern kept up a brave front. Regular visits to the hospital did not change her medical condition. One fine morning Aspen hired a sailboat and took Fern on it to cruise on the river. The sun shone brightly and the birds chirped happily. The warm sun made them drowsy so they stopped the boat and dozed off. Suddenly a mist appeared out of nowhere and the boat glided into the oncoming mist. They woke up on the shore of an island. They saw the wreckage of the sail boat nearby. Bewildered they could not fathom how they reached the island. The island was lush green with the sound of singing birds. They walked inland hoping to find some islanders. Fern was weak and tired and she fell unconscious on the ground. Aspen also became unconscious.

It was twilight when Aspen and Fern regained consciousness. They found themselves in a subterranean cave. It was lighted by a green light. There were plants and trees around them. Trying to make sense of it they saw a green light move towards them. Petrified they watched it comes closer. The light turned into a green man. He touched both of them on their foreheads with his hands and they understood his words. The green man said that he was the guardian of the shape shifting people of Mother Nature. They existed in Nature as green lights but they can also change themselves into animals, birds or plants and trees. When a shape shifter has uncontrollable anger it turns into a ferocious animal who runs and runs till all the anger is drained out then it becomes a shape shifter again. The shape shifter meditates as a tree or plant and as a bird it soars above the clouds in contentment. The law of nature prevails. There was no sickness or death. Life just changes forms.

The shape shifter told Aspen and Fern to follow him. He took them to a waterfall. He told them to drink the pure water and bathe under the waterfall. A ritual was to be done every day. After they did that, both Aspen and Fern changed from their human forms into the green shape shifting forms.

In the world they were listed as lost souls. In UTOPIA they lived as the shape shifting children of Mother Nature.


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