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The Flowers of Heaven

– Jabun Naher

The flowers of Heaven
Are bleeding red
In the womb of
A destitute white.
No wind blows
The incense
To spread
The sweetness of Arabia,
Neither lends a hand
To the black,
Curley hair.
How many
You’ve plucked
In the garden of barred iron?
How many
On the trodden path?
Flowers red, white, yellow and black
Are bleeding……
Tears or fire
Hides their eyes
No longer begging
Mercy from the frozen hearts!
Never knows
How to spread hatred.
In all steady breath
They sigh
As if frown
At the world of matter,
Mortar and morbidity.
Hope not to taste
The Holy Chalice
O the people of the way
Of the world!
You cannot bleed……
Blood has stopped to flow
In the frozen blue vein!
The flowers of Heaven
Are bleeding……
Bleeding eternally
To champion the Chalice.

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