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 The Cursed Inheritance

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– Shabana Chowdhury Ahmed

Inheritance normally means acquiring a huge sum of money or property from one’s own family. What if a person also inherits a curse along with the material benefits! Do lifeless objects harbouring negative energy   destroy a weak mind? Throughout the centuries stories of cursed objects bringing death to its owners have been told. Have you ever felt a chill down your spine on a warm summer day? Did you wake up in cold sweat at night and felt a presence in the room? People attached to the material world and its possessions are earth bound, their spiritual senses are often dormant. Those who read my story can either believe or disbelieve! LIFE is a mystery. Look into your soul with your mind’s eyes.

Augustus a man of twenty five lived with his parents in Capri. He was the only child. He was given very good education, as his father was a successful businessman. Augustus managed the family business as his father was getting old. His father never spoke about his family. Augustus often wondered why his father never spoke about his ancestors. The happiness of the family was soon to be shattered!

The father loved sports cars and had several in his garage. Every morning he would drive one of his cars often exceeding the speed limits. He normally drives alone but that fateful day he took his wife with him.

Augustus was in the office when a police officer came to see him. The officer informed him about the tragic car accident that took the lives of his parents. He was shocked into silence, his body froze. After sometime he came back to reality. A reality so cruel that he had never imagined even in his wildest dreams. His parents were the only family he knew. Now he felt the empty darkness in broad daylight! How was it for him to live on his own, his soul was bleeding.

After the funeral he came to an empty house full of material comforts but no human warmth. He was a very rich man in the world but his heart was empty. He began giving away his parents’ clothes to the poor. He also decided to sell the house and move to an apartment. While sorting out his father’s clothes a key fell out from the pocket of his father’s pant. He knew that his father had a room in the cellar where no one was allowed to enter. He often saw his father lock the room and put the key in his pocket. Excitement crept out of heart as he walked to the cellar. He opened the forbidden door and walked into the room which would change his life forever.

The room was full of old photos and books about the Roman Empire. In the photos he saw his father standing in front of a magnificent house. Under one photo his father wrote, my ancestral home called Domus during the days of the Roman Empire. The Domus was in Rome. In the library Augustus found ancient documents which led him to believe that he came from a noble lineage dating back to the days of the Roman Empire. No name or address was mentioned anywhere. In one of the drawers he found a letter which his father wrote but did not send. He began reading aloud.

‘Dear father, You disapproved of my wife. So I have left our ancestral home in Rome and will start a new life in Capri.’

For some reason the letter did not reach its destination. Augustus now concentrated on the family business. After a few weeks a letter came for his father from Rome informing him to immediately go to Rome as his father had passed away. Augustus replied that his father was also not alive. Another letter came asking Augustus to go to Rome to hear the will reading of his grandfather. Out of curiosity Augustus arrived at his ancestral home. He was greeted by the lawyer and was shown to his room. He felt that time had stood still for the decoration was just like the Roman Empire era. Next morning the lawyer came to read the will of his grandfather. To his surprise the grandfather had left his fortune to Augustus’s father and since Augustus was the legal son of his father the inheritance was his. A sealed envelope was given to Augustus and he was told that it contained the identity of his forefather’s noble birth.

Augustus did not open the envelope at once and so the lawyer showed him around the house and in one room was the family heirloom that was passed down from generation to generation. The room contained a priceless collection. A beautiful sword in a glass case caught his eyes. Beneath the sword the inscription read ‘This is the sword soaked with the blood of the rebels who arose against the Roman Empire. The owner was a great general who served the Emperor Nero.’ After reading it a chilling sorrow crept into his heart.

In his room he kept thinking about the bloody sword that took the lives of so many people. Unable to sleep he went to see the sword again. As he gazed upon the sword he began hearing cries of fear and terror. The sword turned red before his eyes and blood began dripping from it. His heart was pounding but the cries of the dammed souls were so deafening that his heart stopped beating. He fell lifeless on the ground.

In the morning the maid found his body. The doctor told the lawyer that Augustus suffered a massive fatal heart attack.

A man of twenty five had a fatal heart attack or was it his weak mind that gave in to the terrified cries of the lost souls that lived on in the sword that vanquished them. A cursed heritage ended the Roman general’s lineage.


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