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Thankless Mistress

Photo: AH/OV

– Jabun Naher

Oh my sweetest Honey
You are the wisest o’ Many
There’s no a man parallel
Universe ever can tell.

But you have broken the mould
Precious as much as gold
The supreme of present mankind
Leaving all far, far behind.

You are kind and generous
Minutely gentle and serious
Bounteously wealthy and profuse
None of my weaknesses be refused.

Such a great heart that but beats
To render love in chamber seats
For us only and for all
Whoever it be short and tall.

You can call me thankless
Thanking you is nonsense
For he who is meant so prime
No word in world could so rhyme
Equal return of the sound
To echo my offers full in round.

So be with us all time thus
Master of masters in all great Arts.

March 04, 2020


  1. Another discovery…a silent poet or poetess…gender does not matter. What’s in a name- so goes the famous line of Shakespeare. Liked the poem. well composed. Keep it up pl and congratulations to the writer and also to the person in the poem, or your person.

  2. A comment weighs it’s person
    A person adds to a comment.
    A poet or poetess unknown
    Acknowledges your reason.
    Thank you very much.


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