Students Demand JnU’s Own Transport to Go Home

Dhaka, May 05 (JnU Correspondent/OurVoice): The Students of Jagannath University (JnU) demand their own transport to go home at lockdown.

For this they handed over a memorandum to the acting Vice-Chancellor to take them to the divisional headquarters by university’s own transport. The students of the university handed over the memorandum to the acting VC Prof. Dr. Kamaluddin Ahmed through mail on Wednesday.

The memorandum said, the ongoing lockdown for the Corona pandemic has been extended to May 16 and inter-district bus services will be closed before Eid. Meanwhile, many students of the university had paid tuition fees for the mess and had taken tuition from old Dhaka in this lockdown to run the expenses. There was a hope that if they left the lockdown, they would go home.

But that hope is now elusive. In the last few days, all those who have gone home in private cars and highways have spent around 1200, 1500 or 2000 Taka. It will not be possible for our indigent students, who have stayed in old Dhaka for tuition for so long to go home with so much money.

It is not possible to bear all the expenses of mess rent, food cost, travel fare at the same time. On the other hand, we do not have a university hall and it is also impossible for the students to stay alone in this lockdown and Eid. In this situation, we have a humane request to the university administration to take the students stuck in old Dhaka to the 6 divisional headquarters by the university’s own transport before the holy Eid-ul-Fitr in this lockdown.

Students said, we have a lot of buses. We can’t get home now. We need to go home, so it would have been better for us if we had been allowed to take a few routes.

Shahriar, a student in the Bangla Department said, “It is difficult to go home like this now. Staying in Dhaka is also a problem. So it would have been better to give a bus from the university. We would be benefited.”

One student, who did not want to be named, said, “I will get 4,000 Taka for tuition at the end of the month. As soon as I go home, it will cost over 2,000 Taka and I will have to return again. I don’t know how to do it now. ”

Shakil, another student who wanted to go to his village home in Jessore, said, “We all want to reach home safely. A humble request to the JnU administration to consider the humane issue of safe arrival of the indigent students of old Dhaka, who are stuck in this lockdown, so that no other JnUians like Shahadat of 7th Batch of Political Science dies prematurely in such an accident!”

In this regard, Konik Swapnil, the organizer of the JnUian team said, “Now it is impossible to go home with a rent of 2500-3000 Taka per student. I am drawing the attention of the authorities to stand by the students.”

Professor Abdullah Al Masud, Administrator of the university’s Transport Pool said, “It is not possible for me to do this, it is only possible if the Vice-Chancellor says so. Only then the students will be able to go home in the transport service.”

In this regard, the acting Vice-Chancellor Kamaluddin Ahmed said, “I have received the memorandum and I have read it. I have discussed the matter at a higher level. In fact, it is not possible for me to take the decision alone, as no public transport will be able to go outside Dhaka in lockdown.”    

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