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Statement by AGBU on the Demonstrations in Armenia


Brussels, 23 April (AGBU/OurVoice) – AGBU, like all Armenians around the globe, has been following the ongoing developments and demonstrations across Armenia. The Diaspora is watching these events with deep concern. We support citizens’ right to free speech and peaceful assembly; these values are core to democracy and to the building of democratic nations. While it is troubling to see the level of discontent, we are encouraged by the degree of engagement, especially among our nation’s younger citizens.

Armenia is going through the process of shifting from a presidential to a parliamentary Republic, a system that is intended to give the citizens of Armenia greater opportunity to participate in the decision-making process of their country. Given the significant internal and external challenges Armenia is confronting, AGBU calls upon concerned parties to engage in meaningful dialogue to openly discuss the issues of concern to all Armenians, and to constructively work toward developing solutions. Only by working together will we overcome these challenges facing our nation.

Mentionable that AGBU Europe  coordinates and develops the pan-European activities of the Armenian General Benevolent Union. Established in 1906, AGBU is the world’s largest non-profit Armenian organization. AGBU runs numerous programmes in fields relating to academic research, the preservation and promotion of heritage, education and culture as well as awareness raising and leadership training.


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