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Shades of Love

Art and Photo: MZY/OV
– Shabana Chowdhury Ahmed
1) Love endows a Nobody
    With the grace of a devine being
    Love turns a slighted clay
    Into a beautiful pottery
    Love can unlock
    Secret doors within
    The heart and soul
    For Love is divine
    Love is priceless
    Love is eternal  !
2)  You pride yourself
      With the understanding
      Of human sentiments  !
      Where were your fine sentiments
      When you dwelt me
      The eternal blow
      From which I could not never recover!
      The wound would heal
      But the scars remain
      Only time will erase!
       Not with my heart
       But with my soul.
       My heart will
       Stop to beat one day
       But my soul
       Will burn for you
       In Eterrnity!
4)    LOVE is a merger
       Of two souls
       Accepting the Light and Dark
       Within each other.
       LOVE is the courage
       To step into the unknown
       Seeking the true worth of LOVE!
 5)   Day by day we live
       Together or separated
       For sometime.
       Some days I am bewildered
       When I look at you
       To see the reflection of us
       In your eyes!
6)     Delicate at heart
        Yet strong in the soul
        We struggle, we succeed
        For LOVE
        Holds us together!


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