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Ruth Kronenburg new director of Free Press Unlimited

Amsterdam, March 24 (FPU/OurVoice): Ruth Kronenburg has been appointed Executive Director of Free Press Unlimited.

In the coming years, Ruth Kronenburg will continue the successful course of the organisation, while also leading the innovation needed in today’s turbulent time for press freedom.

After a well-considered decision, Leon Willems will step down from the board at his own request from 1 April 2022 and take on a new role as senior advisor international partnerships.

Ruth Kronenburg is very grateful to Leon Willems for the 13 years in which he has been the figurehead of the organisation. “We have worked together wonderfully for eleven years in the field of press freedom, which means that I can now continue to build on a solid foundation.”

Leon Willems warmly congratulates Ruth Kronenburg on her appointment as Executive Director: “I am very happy with this decision. Ruth combines strength and ability with involvement to further develop Free Press Unlimited’s mission and vision. I wish her every success in this new position and will support her with everything I have in me.”

Ruth Kronenburg (1964) has been associated with Free Press Unlimited as Director of Operations since 2011. Together with Leon Willems she formed the board of the organisation and was partly responsible for the growth of the organisation. In this role she was responsible for sound financial management, internal and external communication, and safe guarding knowledge and quality within the organisation. All her previous activities in the commercial media world come together in her current work for Free Press Unlimited, but with one extra dimension: contributing to a better world.

Ruth Kronenburg starts as Executive Director at a time when the world’s need for reliable information is greater than ever before. “During an intense information war, you realize once again how important the role of a free press is. We will be there, now and in the future, for journalists and media who fight for reliable information.”

Paul Hofstra, Acting Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Free Press Unlimited: “We are delighted that Ruth is taking on this new role, she is an excellent Executive Director who, with her knowledge, her network and her vision for the future of independent media, will help give the organisation new strength and direction. We are grateful to Leon Willems for continuing to use his knowledge and expertise for our mission.”

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