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Realities in Life – My Learning

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– Aditi Chowdhury, Dhaka

There is a famous polish proverb that says “An idle brain is the workshop of a devil.”Do you know who the idle man is? A person who sits and lazes around without doing any fruitful work is called an idle man.

I personally have a firm belief in this proverb. Because I get the exact proof of it. Whenever I got my leisure time, all the negativity tried to frighten me. I started to become lazy and distracted from the society as well as from my nucleus family. I asked myself why I came to this world. Then I started asking others to get that answer. Thankfully a few loyal friends of mine helped me out. By their suggestion I started writing over an international blog. I never thought of earning money or gain a few fames. But suddenly a Canadian journalist found my writing and selected my own writing for a website. I still do recall his one funny idea on me is that when the very first time he read my writing, he thought that I was a Canadian too. I laughed for a minute or two.

I started getting brand new followers and getting offers. So see I totally changed my idle-boring mind into an active mind. Side by side I started the journey in the job sector as a translator in an NGO. I learned how difficult and innovative that job was. But as my honors (study) began with full new pressure, I had to quit. Next, I became a content writer in an ad-company. Very frequently they gave me various types of topics to write and to make contents with limited words. Though it was a very comfortable job that I have ever had, on the other hand not that much easy. I said comfortable because once in a month I had to go to the office. It was a difficult job as I had to look at the boring black PC continuously for about 5 to 6 hours in a day, by sitting on my hard chair. I learned how to utilize excel sheet but it killed my eyes. I was enjoying that challenging job but for my study I needed to quit.

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For me nothing is important than study except few persons. During my summer-long vacation, I got an offer to work in a travel agency, who had a great strong connection around 50 international airlines. Personally, I have a huge weakness of vibrant giant airplanes such as Emirates and Thai Airways. I became more addicted to that job and started to make plans, so that I could travel by airplane. Does not it sound so laughable? But for any reason I will never alter my fascination over airplane. From my own interest, I learned how to manage air tickets and how to get attractive discounts. Before joining on that agency, I had no single idea on air ticketing or getting comfortable discounts. I really owe their kind support for me. Totally I did a different type of work with them. Not only had it helped me but also my family and friends. It made me super happy. Unfortunately, for my honors final I had to quit.

When I was a bit free and waiting eagerly for my honors final result, I thought that ok this is it, now I am going to take a vacation. But no, my life will never give me an idle vacation. I became an English teacher in a pre-school. That was full of fun with creative learning. Why I am saying it as a creative learning because a pre-school teacher has to think and create his all lesson plans like he himself is a preschooler. I learned so many small things with the pre-school going youngsters. They taught me so many precious lessons. For example, sometimes I thought that maybe they could not be happy with my shapeless art and untrained crafting, but they became mesmerizingly glad. No matter what I made they became so happy because they felt so special inside of them. They became happy to know that their favorite newly teacher had made something for them. It meant a huge special thing for them as if I brought twinkling stars from the sky for them.

I became amazingly shocked. It nicely taught me how to find out my happiness in the very tiny or priceless things. Kids are always kids. They are the symbols of purity. I had spent a good quality of time with them. The real truth was that I got more affection and tenderness from them than my salary. For me mental peace is superior to the worldly cheap things. But for extra knowledge and to enrich my experience I applied into an English high school and luckily by giving twice interviews I got the desired appointment letter. By quitting that previous job, I have started a new beginning. Moral of the story is not that I have a habit to quit all the time but the lesson I got from my life is that we should experience in different sectors with different tastes. So that it will help to broaden our mind as well as our soul.

For me job is always a job. It does not matter what and where I work. I am super duper interested in different kinds of jobs, except as a woman soldier because I am so afraid of fighting. As I do believe in that women are the multi-tasker, I want to explore my quality. Being able to do more than one thing at a time is not easy. Women have however been able to multitask without much of a struggle; sometimes juggling between motherhood, career, being a wife and much more. As I have gone through a few divergent job experiences, I have seen the exact scenario of the women in those sectors. I salute to those women who faced such a harsh vibe but never quit. I want to tell all of my sisters to take the risk and to present their own talent in front of the world. Excuse me, I am not a feminist but as the level of the Asian women is not that much developed yet, I just want to share my tiny experiences with them. Life is short to feel down and we must keep fighting not with each other but to establish our platform and our own dignity.


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