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PSD Association Award 2020: Vote SF e.V. for Bonn

Foto: PSD VereinsPreis

Bonn, 24. September (OurVoice): The charity organisation Seraji Foundation (SF) e.V. is nominated for the PSD Association Award 2020 with the possibility of winning of 2.000 Euro.

German financial entity PSD Bank West eG has been offering the Association Award for the fourth time for the charity organisations in four regions namely Bonn, Cologne, Aachen and Trier. This offer has paved the way for voluntary associations a perfect platform of extensive public relations and of the financial support for their social engagements in the regions. For this award a total of 34000 Euro has been allocated.

The social and development organization Seraji Foundation (SF) e.V. has been registered in the District Court of Bonn since 2016 with its office in Bonn. The organization is one of the founding members of the Anti-Discrimination Network and The Development Network for Sustainability of the Bonn City. From the city of Bonn the association publishes online news website Our Voice in three languages namely Bengali, English and German. It also publishes the print and online magazine The Border/Shimanto in two languages German and Bengali.

The members of the organization have been offering regular German language course, integration course and consultancy to the expatriates and refuges since 2016. The organization has taken part in the exhibitions and congress organized on the occasions of the UN Day and the Sustainable Development Wall Painting Inauguration in Bonn with several information materials and climate friendly products, arts and paintings on the related issues. With the financial support of the Integration Centre of the City Bonn the organization SF has organized Art and Literature Festival against Racism and Discrimination in 2018 for the first time in Bonn.

Moreover, the association has a strong network with the Diaspora and local development organizations and clubs in Bonn, Cologne and other regions in the province of NRW. Four executive members of the organization have successfully completed the training course under the project of Cooperation Manager Global, offered by Forum for Social Innovation FSI, One World Network and Engagement Global from Düsseldorf office. The president of the organization has actively worked as a founding member of the consultant pool MiGlobe, established by Service Communities in the One World (SKEW), One World Network and FSI along with the selected migration experts in 2015. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic the SF team members have produced and published a lot of reports and articles with the data and analysis of the Corona situation in Bangladesh, Germany and other regions in the world and it has accordingly accommodate its campaign, communication and development activities in the digital forms.

Just One Click for the Final Decision

To finalise the top award winners each and everybody in Germany can vote everyday from the 14th September to the 8th October 2020. Going to the website www.psd-vereinspreis.de everyone can vote easily with just one click. A total of 34000 Euro has been allocated for this award by PSD Bank West eG. In order to promote the local voluntary engagement of SF e.V. the jury will finally select four organizations for the special Covid-19 donation from four regions with 1000 Euro each, which will be free from the result of the online voting of the fans.

All non-profit organizations and associations from the above-mentioned regions are eligible to compete for the award. As four regions are very wide, there will be regional competitive selection and for each region the prize money is amounted to 8500 Euro. To vote for SF e.V. the fans can go to the link: www.psd-vereinspreis.de/profile/seraji-foundation-e-v/

Only till October 5, 10:00 am people can vote once everyday to nominate the organizations in the qualifying round. Ten organizations from each region will be selected for the final round. The voting process is free of cost and without any personal information. In the final phase from October 5 to 8, people will be able to vote to select the final award winners.


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