Noise Pollution Threatening for Health in Rajshahi City

Rajshahi, April 22 (Correspondent/OurVoice): Barindra Poribesh Unnayan Sechchashebi Sangstha (BPUSS), in collaboration with Barind Environment, determined the noise levels at day and night time on 21 April 2022 at various places in the city of Rajshahi. The values obtained indicate that the concentration of noise has exceeded the prescribed limits of Bangladesh Government in all areas except the industrial area in both day and night time.

Authorities should take appropriate measures to control noise pollution in environmentally friendly cities. There is a need to increase public awareness to control noise pollution in Rajshahi city. Unnecessary horn of auto rickshaw and other vehicles should be controlled strictly. It is very important to control the noise in the construction work. Children are severely affected by noise pollution. The effects of noise pollution are not just on humans, but also on every animal and bird.

According to Bangladesh Noise Pollution Rules 2006, different areas are divided into five categories depending on the maximum noise density; silent areas, residential areas, mixed areas, commercial areas and industrial areas. Noise level was determined from Talaimari, Railgate, BSCIC Moth Pukur, Laxmipur Circle and Saheb Bazar Zero Point. Talaimari is in a Silent area followed by regulation of Bangladesh government; Railgate, Laxmipur Circle and Saheb Bazar Zero Point are Commercial Area and BSCIC Moth Pukur is Industrial Area.

Iqbal Matin, retired professor of Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, was present as a special guest during the determination of sound levels. Engr. Md. Zakir Hossain Khan (PhD) led the test. He was assisted, among others, by Oli Ahmed (PhD researcher), Sheikh Faisal Ahmed, Obaidullah, Shamsur Rahman Sharif.

Recently it has been found that the population growth rate in Rajshahi city is increasing day by day and now it is close to 2%! The main purpose of determining the noise level was to observe the noise level in the present populous city. Excessive noise can cause hearing loss, mood swings, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, damage to the heart, and even the body’s immune system.

According to SRO No. 212-Act 2006, the maximum noise level should be 50 and 40 dB at day and night in a silent area; Commercial areas should have maximum day and night noise level of 70 and 80 dB and industrial areas should have maximum day and night noise level of 75 and 80 dB. In a silent area of Rajshahi city (near RUET) the average daytime noise level was found to be 64 dB; maximum average noise level in commercial areas was between 88 and 90 dB; and average noise level in industrial area was 64 decibels. Average noise level at night in silent area was found 83 dB; average maximum noise level was found at night in commercial areas between 84 and 89 dB; and average noise level was 66 dB at night in industrial area.

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