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Nature Is Amazing

Photo: HJN @ah/ov

– Hossain Jawad Najib (only 9 years old)

Nature is full of beauty

Full of vegetations

Full of beautiful birds,

Full of amazing creatures,

Full of trees

And even more

Than you can ever imagine.


As the birds sing the songs

That make your brain say

How wonderful!

And as the water flows

And makes calming sounds

As the bees pollinate

The world and the environment

As the frogs croak

All day long

As they have their party

In the rain.

And the rabbits hide

From the foxes

And foxes howl

At the moon.


And wolves chase the fox

But foxes are fast

But what’s the fastest creature

In the world?

Maybe deer

Maybe not

Who knows?

What’s the slowest?

Maybe tortoise

Maybe not

Who knows?

And if you want to meet

The biggest and the friendliest

Rodent capybara

Well then you know

Now where to go.


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