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Littering ‘Maran Sagor’ with Shoes and Wastes

Photo: Correspondent/OV

Musaddiqul Islam Tanvir, BAU Correspondent

The ‘Maran Sagor’ monument erected in memory of the War of Liberation at Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) has become a place for visitors now. No one is paying due respect to the monument despite the regulations from the university authority. No administrative action is noticed in this regard.

It is known that external visitors come to the university daily to see the beauty of nature in the campus. Besides, teachers and students from different educational institutes come from far away in every weekend. When they come around, they take pictures in various poses sitting on the ‘Maran Sagor’ monument, which was built to commemorate the martyrs of liberation war in 1971. Even they step on the monument with their shoes on. Meanwhile, the nuts, chips and water bottles are being thrown around it after using. Similar practices are also being observed in the ‘Shaheed Minar’of the university and the ‘Bijoy- 71’ monument.

Proctor of the University Prof Dr. Md. Azharul Hoque said, “We are trying. Solving all these issues requires cooperation and sincerity from every sector of the university.”


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