Launching Ceremory of SAIYN Held at BAU

Mymensingh, August 28 (Correspondent/OurVoice): To spread the idea of modern agricultural machinery and technology among the youth, Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) has inaugurated a knowledge-based platform called Smart Agro-Technology Innovation Youth Network or SAIYN in short.

The Appropriate Scale Mechanization Innovation Hub (ASMI) – Bangladesh project was organized on Thursday through online video conference. With this, the official path of SAIYN started.

The Appropriate Scale Mechanization Innovation Hub (ASMI)-Bangladesh project is funded by the United States Feed the Future Program and USAID, and the Sustainable Intensification Innovation Lab (SEAL), Kansas State University, United States, and the University of Entrepreneurship (US). With the technical assistance of the United States, the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology of the Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) is being run under the auspices of the Department of Agricultural Energy and Machinery.

The project has long been involved in research on the innovation and use of suitable agricultural machinery technology suitable for field use in Bangladesh. In addition to research, the project is making a commendable contribution to accelerate the agricultural mechanization program adopted by the Government of Bangladesh by imparting the invented technologies to the farmers through training and demonstration.

SAIYN is a youth organization based on the concepts of Head, Heart, Hand, and Health at the University of Illinois at 4H. To encourage young people to innovate modern agricultural machinery and technology, the SAIYN Platform will play a role in enhancing the skills of adolescents and young people around the world by establishing friendly communication so that young people can build a hunger-poverty-free, happy-prosperous green world through their creative innovations. In addition to the Bangladesh Agricultural University with SAIYN initially, there are 6 other universities in the country including Haji Mohammad Danesh University of Science and Technology, Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Islamic University of Technology, Khulna Agricultural University, and Jessore University of Science and Technology.

BAU Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology Professor Md Nazrul Islam presided over the inaugural ceremony and gave a welcome speech. Md. Manjurul Alam, Director of the Appropriate Scale Mechanization Consortium (ASMC) of the University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne was present as the guest of honor at the event. Dr. Prashant Kalita, Associate Dean of the University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne and Director of Extension Emeritus, George Printing and BAU student affairs adviser A K M Zakir Hossain, BAU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Lutful Hasan was present as the main patron. ASMI-Bangladesh Project Associate Director and Professor of Agricultural Energy and Machinery Choyan Kumar Saha briefly described the background of the establishment of SAIYN with a detailed presentation on the aims and objectives.

John announced the names of international mentors, 12 regional mentors, and 31 young ambassadors. At the end of the introductory session, the Ambassador and Chief Coordinator, Advisors and Mentors of SAIYN gave a welcome address. Md Ayub Hossain delivered the speech. RDA’s former Director General MA Matin, Engineer, The Metal Pvt. Ltd. Sadid Jamil delivered their valuable remarks.

The guest of honor was the Director of the Appropriate Scale Mechanization Consortium (ASMC) of the University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne Prashant Kalita unveiled the official logo of SAIYN, unveiled the winner of the SAIYN Logo Contest and handed over a check of 200 USD and a certificate as a virtual prize. Afterwards, an ambassador from SAIYN described the official logo of SAIYN.

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