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Jagoron Auspiciously Held Eid Reunion in Hamburg

Photo: AH/OV

Hamburg, July 02 (OurVoice) – A discussion and cultural function was held in Hamburg, Germany on the occasion of Eid Reunion. Socio-cultural organisation Jagoron German Bangladesh Association organised the function in the Hamburg city on Sunday.

At the outset children, women and all people present in the function sang the traditional Eid song of the national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.

Photo: AH/OV

Organizers of Jagoron Engineer Abu Ismail Firoj and Dipa Alam conducted the function started with the recitation from Quran and by singing national anthem.

Among others, President of the Association Apollo Alamgeer and Shafiqul Islam Ratan, General Secretary Mahbub Alam and Mass Communication and Media Researcher Dr Shameem Mahmud addressed the meeting.

Photo: AH/OV

In the second session of the function, guest singer from Cologne Abdul Munim, poet and artist Mir Zabeda Yeasmin Imi and Hossain Abdul Hai, singer Dipa Alam, Shafiqul Islam Ratan, Jamil Gazi, Appollo Alamgeer, Abu Ismail Firoj, Salina Sheikh, Rajia Mohammad and little masters Nabil Khan Alam, Shaon, Ayra, Isha, Silmi, Shara, Dia, Shamira and Sami Mohammad, Ashraful, Sohan sang and recited the patriotic poems.


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