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IU Takes Preventive Measures to Combat Corona Crisis

Photo: Correspondent/OV

H K Jibon, IU Correspondent

The authorities of Islamic University took preventive measures on the campus in Kushtia to combat coronavirus crisis.

To combat the incumbent epidemic crisis, the university authorities formed a Corona Prevention Cell, led by its Proctor Professor Paresh Chandra Barman, to ensure the security and to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Hand sanitizers are made with university funding and these were distributed among the teachers, officers, staff and people of different occupations on the campus, Corona Prevention Cell Convener Professor Paresh Chandra Barman said.

The university Vice-Chancellor Professor M Harun-Ur-Rashid Askari inaugurated the survival kit distribution programme at Lalon Shah Hall gate area on Thursday as the chief guest. Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor M Shahinoor Rahman, Treasurer Professor M Selim Toha, IU Shapla Forum General Secretary Professor M Mahbubar Rahman were present as special guests.

The prevention cell is always trying to conduct awareness campaign, maintain community hygiene and provide survival kit to avoid corona infection. They distributed hand sanitiser, mask, hand gloves and awareness leaflets in and out of the university.

‘I am staying at the campus to closely monitor the activities of our Corona Prevention Cell’, IU Vice-Chancellor Professor Askari said. They are also prepared to render more services through our Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Department if we get Bio-safety Level 2 Laboratory facilities and logistic support, he added.


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