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Is Spring in the Air?

– Shantanu Mukharji
How have I been longing for the advent of spring!
It’s now in the air, as I feel the fragrance of the nascent flowers waiting to bloom
Spring has come silently this time to elude the virus
I can see riot of colours in the gardens,
All waiting to welcome spring with open arms!
Young love birds are chirping and jumping from one twig to other.
Their tweets and coloured plumage herald the arrival of spring!
Young hearts of the humans too are pounding
To meet and feel the fresh breath of their friends.
Also to feel the divine touch of each other,
Embracing the bodies, with no inhibition at all
That’s the magic of spring in the offing,
There is a mystique in the air as I gaze at the moonlit sky
The stars are saying spring is on way
So do the mountains, the brooks,
The neaps and the tides!
The mating deers, the hares and the hounds
Are all impatient to touch the spring!
Very soon in the Indian subcontinent,
Spring will coincide with ‘Saraswati pujo’- the goddess of learning
And the ‘Basant Panchami’, with yellow attired men and women frolicking in Spring
Glimpse of colourful kites soaring in high skies
Will announce loudly “Spring is in the air”
Grab it, feel it, don’t let go that easily
Spring is on transit, but we must hold it gently
Let’s all sing and dance in concert today
As Spring is in the air!

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