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International Mother Language Day Observed in Dresden

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– Shahinur Rahman

Everyone has especial valuable things in his life and that is his mother and mother tongue. The child learns first world from mother’s voice, Maa. In 1952 Students of the Dhaka University sacrificed their lives in order to acquire the right to speak in Mother Language (Bengali). And in the context of Language Movement and Bangladesh’s request, in 1999 UNESCO has recognized and declared the 21st February in the world as the ‘International Mother Language Day’.

The Bangladeshi Community Dresden, South Asian Association (DSAA) and Integrations and Foreign Parliament (IAB), for the first time in the history of Dresden organized and observed the International Mother Language Day in Dresden in Town Hall. Eighteen languages speaking People (Bengali, German, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, English, Kashmiri, Telegu, Tamil, Nepali, Sinhala, Banish, Wolof, Malay, Arabic, French, and Greek) of the world participated in this program. Metropolitan Mayor Dick Hilbert was the chief guest. Professor Dr. Hussein Jinah and Dr. Shahinur Rahman discussed the importance of mother language.

However, Dr. Mahmud Hossain talked on the history of Mother Language Day. All audiences also participated in the discussions about their language and country. People of all ages and religions and different speakers present in the program paid respect putting flowers in front of the temporary Replica of Shaheed Miner to remember the martyrs, the Language Heroes, who sacrificed their lives in 1952 in the Language Movement.

The attractive part of the program was a multinational cultural program. Sourav Sorkar started the cultural program by the traditional Flute Folk Music of martyrs. Amrita represented the Calcutta Bengali Songs, while the Bangladeshi dance by child artist Zafreen. Talha Iqbal recited a famous poem of the poetry of Allamah Iqbal (namely Mother) in Urdu. Moreover Dr. Venkatesh (Telegra), Mirza Basit (Kashmir) and Shahana (Bengali) also recited poems. Nepali traditional dances were presented by Silwal group. The Greek song was sung by Juliet Demitradis and Bengali song was performed by Shuvo.

International Children’s Art Competition was also organized, the first position was secured by Zubayr, while Ibrahim Rafi and Madhara took second and third position respectively. Finally the traditional South Asian Foods were served to the International people.

Hopefully, a full-fledged Shaheed Minar will be established in Dresden in future and this noble effort will be continuing.

We also thank Sultana Rahman, Syed Sazzad Hussain, Sujit Shikder, Anisul Khan, Shuvo, Kolin Afroz, Aban Nibir, Shanto, Mosarouf, Islam, Shahid and many other people who helped and assisted in this program. International Mother Language Day got special flavor with the participation of multinational people.


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