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Human Chain Formed at Agricultural University

Photo: Correspondent/OV

Mymensingh, November 4 (BAU Correspondent/OurVoice): Students of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) formed a human chain demanding the refund for the unelected examinees under the integrated admission system of agricultural universities in the academic year 2019-2020. The human chain was formed in front of the university administration building on Monday.

At human chain, speakers said, “The University is a place for practicing humanitarian and qualitative study. However, the university authority fixed the price of admission form immorally.  But the authority is not returning the money to the unselected examinees in the admission test. University authority should refund for the unselected students or all students should be given the opportunity to participate in the test.”

An unselected examinee said, “We were hopeful after the decision of the integrated admission test system in agricultural universities. But after initial selection, we, who are not selected, are really frustrated. GPA 9.15 without 4th subject isn’t enough for the integrated admission test system.”

It is important to note that even though more than 76,000 candidates applied for admission under the comprehensive agricultural university test system. There are 35800 candidates, who got the chance to participate through the initial selection. But there is a decision not to return the money to the unselected students. Besides, this year 122 seats were reduced in BAU. This triggered intense criticism from parents and students through social media.


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