Fuel Station Plan near School at Bholahat Criticized

Chapai Nawabgonj, February 14 (Nuhu Alam, Gomastapur Correspondent/ OurVoice): As per the plan of the Prime Minister, a school for the disabled named Bholahat School for the Handicapped was set up in 2009 opposite the health complex of Bholahat upazila under Chapai Nawabgonj district. 

It is known that some Hossain Alim purchased land for the construction of a fuel station on the south side of the school for the disabled named M/S Hossain Hamid Filling Station. If a fuel filling station is built at that place, the school will face extreme loss. There are risks of death of the students, teachers and staff of the school, if any kind of gas explosions occurs in the filling station.  Moreover, the noise of the compressor machines and vehicles at the fuel station will cause extreme disruption in school teaching.

Moreover, the movement of students at the gate will be disrupted during the entry of vehicles. Major accidents can happen.

Locals, dignitaries and guardians are extremely worried about these risks. A group of guardians including Abdullah Farooq, Yarul, Khairul Islam Mushribhuja say that if there is such a business here, we will stop our children from sending to school.

The headmistress Dilara Khatun said, locals and the educational institution will not allow such an environment polluting business establishments near the educational institutions. The decision is made and the application is submitted to the officials of the administration such as the Upazila Executive Officer, the Department of Environment and the Upazila Education Office in this regard.

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