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Four Poems on Heart and Thought

Art and Photo: Abdul Hai
– Shabana Rouf Chowdhury, Belgium
1)    What name do I give
       This Intense Feeling ?
       More thicker than blood !
       A blood relation
       Can cause enmity  !
       A friendship
       Separated by barriers  !
       Love followed by betrayal  !
       What name will I give
      This Eternal Bond  of Intense Feeling  ?
      Deeply rooted
      In the heart and soul
      Understood only by a few !
      What should I call
      This Eternal Intense Bond ?
2)              TIME
        YESTERDAY  holds the
        Treasures of my heart
        Happy and Sad memories
        TODAY  I create my
        Joy and Sorrow
        To Light or  Darken my  Tomorrow
        A Moment is all I have
        To race against TIME  !
3)         FIRE BURNING
          There is a light
          In each of us
          Burning brightly
          Deep inside us.
          The Flame stays alive
          Nothing blows it out
          But ourselves.
          This light is fragile
          But will remain
          As long as the light of
          LOVE from the
          HEART and SOUL
          Burns  FOREVER  !
4)           HEART OVER MIND
             Trust your heart
             It knows what to do  !
             When your mind doubts
             And tries to hold
             Your heart down
             Just to protect
             Your heart from breaking
             Keep your heart HAPPY
             Let it run free
             For a while
             Follow and see what unfolds.
             HEART is stronger than
             One can  IMAGINE  !
             It recovers at a much
             Greater speed
             Give it the Freedom it needs
             BELIEVE  in your heart
             Give it all you have
             Whether it turns into
             The BEST or WORSE
             YOU will be happy
             Far more often than not
             TRUST YOUR HEART!


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