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Paint and Photo: Mir Zabeda Yeasmin/OV

– Shabana Chowdhury Ahmed

1)         The dark night covers me

From pole to pole.

A light shines bright

From my unconquerable SOUL!

In the clutch of circumstances

I have not winched nor cried

My head remains unbowed.

This place of wrath and tears

Could not tear me apart

I am mistress of my FATE

I am keeper of my SOUL!

2)         Only through mistakes I learned

Being far from home

I realised where I belonged.

Closed my eyes to see

Dreams clear and Bright.

In my darkest hours

I truly saw the Light!

When I lost my way

The stars shone bright.

In times of Grief

I learned the true meaning of LOVE!

When all hope seemed lost

I learnt how strong I have become

Nourish one’s SOUL

It will guide you through LIFE!

3)         My heart flows through icy waters

For it is warm

Dried those tears from my eyes

Lifted my head and smiled

Painted my world in colours

To see a world of HOPE!

Forced the shadows back to the dark

Left without a single scratch or mark

Learned to live without my pain

It only matters


In your own eyes!

4)         LIFE is a mystery

Understand it.

It will take you

Through thorny paths

Remove the thorns

Sleepless nights will follow

Daylight will come with HOPE!

Face each day with

Courage and determination

Let your Heart and MIND

Blend together

Only then you will see

The wondrous Glow

Of your SOUL!


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