Dr Doftori Appointed to Finnish Green Party’s Committee on Immigration

Helsinki, January 04 (OurVoice): A Bangladeshi-born Finnish citizen, Dr. Mojibur Doftori, has beenappointed as an expert member of Finnish Green Party’s Immigration Policy Working Committee.

Among other tasks, the Committee assists party delegates, party’s Parliamentary Group, Ministerial Group, party Executive Committee and party’s elected local government officials on preparing immigration policy. Nominated by the Greens, Dr. Doftori currently serves as a member of Helsinki City Council’s Equality and Non-discrimination Working Group. Recently, he was elected as a member of the Executive Committee of the party for Finland’s capital Helsinki. It is noteworthy to mention that the Green Party is a major ruling coalition partner in Finnish government together with Social Democrats, Centre Party, Left Alliance, and Swedish People’s Party.

An alumni of Dhaka University Public Administration and Helsinki University Public Policy department, Dr. Doftori is an expert on international education, career development and human rights. He is also author of the book Massive Career Success: How to Create the Life of Your Dreams!published by Oxford-based Powerhouse Publications.

In his professional life, Dr. Doftori worked as a researcher at Helsinki University and Tampere University of Finland and Roskilde University of Denmark. He taught South Asian Studies at Helsinki University. He also worked as a researcher at PEN International, the London-based international organization that works for protecting freedom of expression of writers and journalists worldwide. He also served as a trustee of PEN Finland and chair of its Writers at Risk and Writers for Peace Committee. He represented the organization in PEN International congresses and conferences in Ukraine, India, and Norway. A trustee of Humanist Association of Finland, he also serves as a talk show host of London-based British Bangla News, a European online Bengali diaspora TV channel.

“I am thankful to the Green Party, a party that works for equality for all in Finland, for giving me the opportunity to serve this important policymaking body. Together with others, I will try to address issues of Finland’s shortage of workforce and bottlenecks foreign students and workers face in getting work permit and initiating business. With my colleagues, I will also work for building strategies for better integration of immigrants and other weaker groups of Finnish society focusing on employment, affordable housing and increasing their participation in sports, culture, and religious practices. In consultation with immigrants and other weak groups of Finnish society, I want to take their issues and concerns to my party’s immigration policy agenda,” said Dr. Doftori.

“I am grateful to Bangladeshis and other immigrant groups and all in Finland for their support for me in the June 2021 Helsinki City elections. I believe, by joining hands together, we can incorporate voices of immigrants in Green Party’s immigration policy agenda and influence national policy on immigration,” he added.

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