Critical Sanitary System in CoU, Unhygienic Condition

Jubayer Rohman, CoU

The sewerage system of Comilla University (CoU) is in a dilapidated condition due to piles of garbage, bathrooms and basins of various buildings not being kept clean and tidy. The multi-faceted misery is being borne by the CoU students. The administration has no initiative in this regard.

It can be seen on the ground that the natural beauty of the university is being ruined due to the accumulation of piles of garbage in different courtyards of the campus. The bathrooms and basins of the academic buildings are damp. The students complained that the bathrooms and basins were not cleaned regularly and the water taps were not repaired in time.

Meanwhile, there are eight bathrooms and six basins in each of the two blocks on each floor of the university’s academic building, but most of the basins are unusable. Most of the time, some bathrooms are locked and the open bathrooms do not have proper management. Although there is a library on the 5th floor of the administrative building, there is no sewerage system. The students who come to study in the library are embarrassed.

In this regard, Mohan Chakraborty, a student of the Department of Anthropology said that after coming to the campus for a long time, he got everything in order, but he was embarrassed to see the bathroom, basin, and water tap. We have to go through a lot of dirty environments due to the lack of a healthy environment. Such a negligence of the university administration is an obstacle in the way of a healthy environment.

The Director of the University’s Estate Office Mizanur Rahman said, it is not possible for us to monitor the whole campus. Although our manpower is there to manage the activities of the academic buildings, it is the responsibility of the Dean’s Office to manage them.

The Dean of the Faculty of Sociology Prof. Dr. Aminul Islam Akand expressed that the estate office has carried out a cleaning campaign. However, when informed about the overall issue, he said, what did they do before the exam? They have recruited ten employees and carried out a clean-up operation. I am taking action in this regard.

University Registrar (In-Charge) Md Abu Taher expressed his displeasure and said, “Why don’t they do these things?” I am taking action in this regard.

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