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CoU Pharamacy Dept Fights against COVID-19

Photo: Correspondent/OV

Comilla, March 19 (CoU Correspondent/OurVoice): The Pharmacy Department students and teachers of Comilla University have distributed around 1300 bottles hand sanitizer with a nominal-cost to prevent the spread of pandemic corona virus.

World Health Organization instructed all to wash hands with soap and water or to use alcoholic hand rubs or sanitizers to stave off the virus entrance into the body.

The students and teachers, under these circumstances, had prepared 290 bottles of sanitizers with their own fund at the laboratory of Pharmaceutical Research Centre of the university and distributed those among the students, teachers and staffs of the university on Sunday.

Initially, the university Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Emran Kabir Chowdhury extended his support with a fund of Taka 50 thousands to take next steps. They made 1000 bottles of sanitizers more and distributed those among the university family members with a nominal-cost of Taka 20 as the amount of funded Taka was insufficient.

‘We have provided each bottle of sanitizer with a very low cost of Taka 20 to compensate the subsidies. Despite having logistic shortage, we tried to help people prevent the epidemic virus in a little range,’ said Syed Koushik Ahmed, Chairman of Pharmacy Department.


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