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CoU Employed Failed Candidate

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CoU Correspondent

Comilla University (CoU) has been accused of recruiting one candidate even failing the recruitment test.

Recently, the authorities have decided to appoint a local influential candidate. Although the Vice Chancellor conceded the matter but he avoided the responsibility. The concerned people have expressed surprise over such a huge inconsistency in recruitment.

According to university sources, the examination for the posts of Computer Operator, Data Entry Operator, Office Assistant and Computer Typist was held on March 9. The viva test of those candidates, who passed the practical test, was taken on 11th and 15th March. In the meantime, an allegation arose among the candidates that the authorities have recruited a couple of candidates unlawfully. It is alleged that the candidate, roll no 5, for the post of office Assistant Cum-Computer Typist failed in the practical test but the result showed that he has been appointed to the post.

Another source said that a couple of candidates were recruited even they failed in both practical and oral tests. Even they have been recruited without applying for the post alleged by another source. As a result, the transparency of recruitment has also been questioned. Several officials and employees of the university expressed their displeasure over the entire recruitment process.

Candidates who have been recruited in an opaque process by disclosing all the information related to this appointment should be cancelled. A couple of teachers said, the act had spoiled the university’s image through this inconsistency, people will lose confidence in the recruitment process of the university. Those involved in such acts should be punished. They claimed that a number of employees applied for the recruitment test with proper approval, passed the practical test and also participated in the oral test. But most of the internal candidates were eliminated in the final examination.

However, university employees’ association has given a memorandum to the Vice Chancellor in this regard.

When contacted, Prof Dr Abu Taher, Registrar of the university and Member Secretary of the Recruit Board, declined the allegation and even did not make a remark over the illegal recruitment.

However, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Dr Emran Kabir Chowdhury conceded the allegation and said that he had appointed an office assistant though he failed the practical test for the post of the office assistant cum-computer typist.


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