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BAU Deputy Librarian Haque Suspended

Photo: AH/OV

Dhaka, August 01 (BAU Correspondent, OurVoice): Deputy librarian of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) Emdadul Haque has been suspended temporarily on charges of misbehave with a colleague. The suspended notice came on Wednesday signed by acting register of the university.

According to sources, deputy librarian Emdadul Haque misbehaved with his colleague deputy librarian Abdul Baten and then Baten filed a complaint with the acting register. The registrar temporarily suspended the accused in connection with the matter.

Accused Librarian Emdadul Haque said, “If I have done wrong, I should be punished. But without my statement, it would be unfair to unilaterally punish me without giving me the opportunity to defend myself.”
The Acting Registrer Saiful Islam said, “I have received the allegations and temporarily dismissed him. He has been asked to show cause within the next seven working days. Later, a probe committee will be formed ordered by the Vice-Chancellor and action will be taken accordingly.”


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