Bangladeshi Cyber Expert at Risk of Cyber Crime in Austria

Innsbruck, December 16 (Special Correspondent/Our Voice): Bangladeshi digital forensic expert Rezwanur Rahman has supported Ukraine cyber team removing child pornography websites from dark web which leads a risk of cyber crime for the ethical hacker.

On request of Ukraine government cyber team in April 2022, Rahman downed the Russian porn sites, which were used to transmit data on illegal business from dark web to make the virtual space secured. During the technical support with ethical hacking using VPN, Rahman downloaded the contents for analyzing the meta information as police can identify the criminals easily.

“I tried to access the link from normal site, but that did not work. Then I used a VPN, located in Singapore, and used TOR browser to access the site. After accessing there, I saw something that I never expected. I saw a huge list of ‘child pornography communities and image sharing board,” Rahman said in the case filed with Austrian police.

Unfortunately, when Rahman closed the programme and disconnected from virtual positioning network (VPN), all the data were synced by Google Drive with the device connected to internet. As per law in Europe, the child pornography is an offensive task on internet. Now Austrian authorities raised allegation against Rahman on child pornography, who downed the sites from dark web.

Rahman, a senior technical lead at Microsoft, is attending Master’s programme on Computer Science at University of Innsbruck in Austria. He started hacking (ethical hacking) since 2016 to remove unethical contents, drugs, unauthorized weapons to make the cyber space safe.

As a social worker, Rahman served the Commonwealth as regional committee member in Asia region. He was national youth delegate of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to Commonwealth’s heads of government meeting held in London in 2018. Rahman worked as digital forensic expert for local and international organisations to protect cyberspace for different regions.

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